TIPRA Women’s Federation (TWF) is an exclusive platform for the Tiprasa women to collaborate and take active leadership in raising women’s issues across all levels. Additionally, TWF aims to realize the common goal of Greater Tipraland formation and prioritize the wellbeing of all women and girls across age groups through active efforts aimed at their socio-political empowerment.

Driven by the ideology of Thansa (Unity), TWF members under the guidance of Bubagra channelizes their collective strength to lead socially and politically transformative initiatives and address various issues which are holding back the Tiprasa women and girls from achieving their true potential. Also, TWF strives to emerge as a platform where ambitious and visionary women are groomed for the larger political, administrative, and societal leadership roles to work for the betterment of Tiprasas and Indians at large.


Ms. Manihar Debbarma

President, TIPRA Women Federation



YTF (Youth TIPRA Federation) is a platform conceived under the able guidance of Bubagra Pradyot Bikram Manikya, dedicated to the indigenous youth of Tripura where they can unite to collectively raise their voice for their rights while proudly embracing their identity. YTF, similar to TIPRA MOTHA aims to work towards realising the dream of Greater Tipraland through peaceful democratic means and simultaneously engage in working towards contemporary issues facing Tiprasas. The platform also engages with the Tiprasa youths residing outside the state.

The members of YTF share an ideology of Thansa (Unity) and work under the direct mentorship of Bubagra who aim to channelise their energy for solving pressing issues concerning Tiprasas. Thereby, creating a positive impact in the society by making them active stakeholders in the nation-building process. Also, Bubagra envisions YTF to emerge as a platform where responsible and ethical future leaders are groomed for larger political, administrative, and societal leadership roles to work for the betterment of Tiprasas and Indians at large.

Mr. Runeil Debbarma

President, Youth TIPRA Federation



TIPRA Citizens Federation – TCF is a first-of-its-kind platform for like-minded people in the region. The federation in its functioning aims to enable credible opportunities for the representation, inclusion and participation of all sections of the society in the high-level organisational, political, and policy-centric decision making process of TIPRA Motha Party.

As the state of Tripura struggles with multiple socio-economic, cultural, and political issues, the federation strives to increase public awareness on various issues with time and facilitate a collective effort among diverse sections of society to address them in a democratic manner. The federation in its endeavor functions in accordance with the law of the land and venerable constitution of India.



The student organisation of the TIPRA Motha Party has been raising the concerns and demands of the indigenous students at all levels. Ever since its inception, TISF has made significant contributions towards bringing justice to the indigenous Students, Youth, and the people of Tripura.

Mr. Sajra Debbarma

President, TIPRA Indigenous Students Federation
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