TIPRA Motha Party

Initially conceived as an NGO and later transformed into a political party in 2021, the TIPRA Motha Party is striving to unite the indigenous people of Tripura to collectively fight for their social, cultural, economic, and political rights. And as part of this fight, the demand for a separate state of Greater Tipraland is not a divisive thought but a respectable recognition of the demands and aspirations of all the Tiprasas (the indigenous people of Tripura) within the ambit of the Indian constitution that shall restore the dignity and protect the identity of Tiprasas.

With 13 MLAs, TIPRA Motha Party is currently the main opposition party in the Tripura Legislative Assembly, and with 17 MDCs, it is the ruling party in the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC).


Greater Tipraland

With an aim to restore our dignity and protect our identity as Tiprasas, we are striving to unite the indigenous people of Tripura to collectively fight for our social, cultural, economic, and political rights. And as part of this fight, our demand for a separate state of Greater Tipraland is not a divisive thought but for the respectable recognition of all Tiprasas aspirations within the ambit of the Indian constitution. We are also seeking for all the Tiparasa residing in clusters within the state of Tripura but outside the area of the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) to be included in Greater Tipraland so that all the indigenous people are given their rights.

We also envisage that, apart from the expansion of the TTAADC area, a Greater Tipraland Developmental and Cultural Council should be created, which would protect, preserve, and highlight the culture, heritage, tradition, and history of the people of the state. Tripuris living in any part of the globe can connect with this non-political institution to pursue their knowledge about the land and the people. This council can also help in obtaining scholarship research and documentation of artifacts so that the identity and future of the community that lives outside and beyond the 6th Schedule areas thrive within India and outside. This council will be a trust and consist of historians, academicians, scholars, artists, and other people who have brought eminence to the country and society at large.

Our Inspiration

Maharaja Bir Bikram

Maharaja (Bubagra) Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Debbarman is also known as the ‘Architect of Modern Tripura’ because of his vision, pro-people measures, and initiatives. Having been the first ruler to have visited Europe and America between 1931 and 1939, Maharaja spearheaded the entire planning of modern-day Tripura, which saw many progressive initiatives being undertaken during his era, such as the construction of the airport, which serves the state even today and is the second busiest airport in the Northeast region. As an avid educationist at heart, he initiated the first higher educational institution in Tripura, which created opportunities for quality education for Tiprasas. Also, as a pioneer of land reforms, his foresight led him to reserve the land for the indigenous people of the region whose outcome is the present-day TTAADC (Tripura Tribal Area Autonomous District Council).

His premature death at the very young age of 39 in the year 1947 (months before the merger of the state with India) created a significant void in the leadership of the state after independence. Even today, after so many decades since India’s independence, we cherish our beloved Maharaja’s vision for his people. Therefore, we take inspiration from his progressive thinking, his pro-people approach, and his revolutionary and bold initiatives to transform people’s lives. Our values are shaped by the visionary thinking of our beloved Maharaja, who we believe is the leader that Tiprasas deserve in these most testing times when we are fighting to save our identity.


Pradyot Manikya

Shri Pradyot Bikram Manikya Debbarma (fondly known as ‘Bubagra’) is the 186th king and the current head of the erstwhile Royal House of Tripura. As the Founder of the TIPRA Motha Party, he is the leading voice of the indigenous people’s (Tiprasas) struggle for the protection of their identity in Tripura.

After a long stint with the Indian National Congress (INC), he left the party in 2019 and gave his famous slogan “Puila Jati, Ulo Party” which translates to People First, Party Later. He eventually founded TIPRA (as an NGO in 2019 and as a political party) in 2021 and gave the clarion call for people to join him to fight for a common goal of achieving Greater Tipraland. The movement is in consonance with the decades of Tiprasa’s struggle against discrimination and the protection of identity. The initial success of Bubagra’s efforts can be witnessed from the thumping victory of the party in the TTAADC elections in 2021 and the Tripura Legislative Assembly elections in 2023.

Beyond his fight for Tiprasas, Bubagra is also a well-known champion of the larger Northeast issues and is a vocal advocate of people’s causes across India.

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"Interacted with my #YTF warriors at the One Day Youth Conference of Youth Tipra Federation - YTF held at the Nuai Auditorium, Khumulwng. 
‘Youth’ are not just the ‘Future’, but they are the ‘Present’. And, if you all remain united and committed, I will do everything possible to ensure that you get the right opportunity, be it within the party or outside, so that you can shape a better future for our society." – Bubagra @pradyotmanikya



“Smai Debbarma, a young boy who secured 92.2% in Class XII and cracked the IIT Advance without any coaching or formal support, met me yesterday at the Ujjayanta Palace. He will now be joining IIT Guwahati for his 4-year http://B.Tech course. I am happy

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